Contacts, Leads and Prospects in RPS Platinum

Contacts, Leads and Prospects in RPS Platinum

RPS Platinum places all of your contacts into three "bins": Contacts, Leads or Prospects. You can move people between these levels flexibly.

Here's a quick way to think of it:

CONTACTS: These are relationships that will not result in a commission in the short term (recent transactions, past clients) or they can be other real estate professionals like home inspectors, lenders, attorneys, etc. The "Contact" level is for all individuals who are not in your Lead-Prospect stream of business at the moment.

LEADS: These are potential clients coming into the system from automated sources or manual entry.

PROSPECTS: This is where transactions take place; the only way to become a Prospect is to be promoted from a Lead -- no one enters the system as a Prospect.

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